Immerse yourself into the Spanish language and culture

Are you tired of feeling like a tourist in Spain?

Most of my students feel that their experiences of speaking Spanish are limited and not very authentic.

Their travels in Spain are all about fast-paced conversations and little opportunity to practise Spanish beyond talking in the restaurant or hotel.

But you don’t learn Spanish just for that, do you?

“Libera tu español” offers total immersion language experiences in Spain, a holiday trip specially designed for Spanish language enthusiasts who want to practice Spanish in a dynamic way.

This trip is ideal for adults who are studying Spanish and want to get to know Spain, practice in a real and relaxed environment, and stop wasting valuable time trying to meet native speakers for practice.

We will be sharing a different journey and practising Spanish outside of the touristy, big cities. A multicultural and gastronomic experience that awakens our Spanish from curiosity and without stress, at our own pace.


Imagine a linguistic holiday trip to discover the most authentic Spain in quiet places full of charm.

We will share conversations in Spanish while we discover the secrets of its villages, meet its inhabitants, taste the wines and the typical gastronomy of the place, learn about traditions and culture…

All this away from crowds of tourists and in a small group of maximum 7 people.

Would you like to improve your Spanish by living the experience first hand?


Este viaje lingüístico ha sido un buen descubrimiento en el corazón de la España rural. Un pueblo muy bonito, tranquillo, con su historia interesante que nos ha traslado a través los siglos hasta ahora.

Lo mejor de todo fue la interacción con las personas nativas que viven allí, hablar con ellas todos los días, me ha permitido ampliar mi vocabulario y favorecer mi expresión oral. Agradezco mucho a Nuria por la increíble organización del viaje, sin prisa, incluyendo un tiempo libre cada día para que podamos disfrutar tranquilamente de nuestra estancia.

SOPHIE, Francia


I am Nuria, an online Spanish teacher and travel organiser, with experience in multicultural environments and language immersion projects.

Travel is my passion and I have been travelling the world since I was 18 years old. I am also a language student and have experienced the process of living in other countries.

I love my country and I am looking forward to showing it to you and sharing with you a meeting of cultures.

For more information, please write to me at: hola@liberatuespanol.com