Linguistic immersion in Spanish in Urueña

Improve your speaking skills without giving up your spirit as an independent, adult traveller.

Spain – 2024

Do you feel insecure when speaking Spanish? Would you like to improve your fluency and no longer feel like a tourist in Spain?


  • Transform your vacation into a real and authentic immersion experience to practise Spanish


  • Improve your Spanish easily through direct contact with its people and culture.

Come with me to the Villa del Libro!

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights

In URUEÑA, Valladolid (Castilla-León)

From 4 to 10 June 2024 -> Upper Intermediate/Advanced – GROUP 2024 COMPLETE

*Waiting list for 2025 open*

A trip to discover a small medieval treasure in the heart of Castilla y León while practising Spanish in a spontaneous and natural way.

A gastronomic, linguistic and cultural experience within the walls of Urueña.

If you are interested, sign up to the 2025 waiting list without obligation and receive all the information about this trip as a priority.

"Where the fields, the horizon and culture merge with peace and quiet..." Urueña.

In Urueña there are more bookshops than bars, which is why it is the first Book Village in Spain. And that’s not the only thing this town hides… With less than two hundred inhabitants it has:one print shop, five museums, eight bookshops andits old quarter is one of the best preserved in the province, and clasified as Historic-Artistic Site. Shall we find out together?


– This is what you are going to experience –

smile 6 nights in a single room with private bathroom, in a charming medium/high-end rural house with all comforts (price per person in single room, no supplement for single travellers).

smile All breakfasts, lunches, dinners and drinks to enjoy typical gastronomy on a daily basis.

smile Guided tours, museums and cultural activities where we will learn and have fun.

smile Organised language sessions during the 6 days: games, conversations, activities in the village, vocabulary practice and pre-activity classes given by me, your native “teacher”.

smile Small group of maximum 7 people.

smile Group taxi from Valladolid to Urueña and return.

smile Me, your Spanish trainer and trip leader 😉 I will be with you and accompany you to all your stay.


  • Reserve your place with an initial fee of €300 and pay the rest before 15 April 2025.

  • Remember that places are limited! Only 7 people will live this experience.

This trip is for you if you want it:

  • Gain confidence and feel more comfortable speaking Spanish in different situations that will help you in your future travels.

  • Identify new vocabulary that will help you to start expressing yourself like a native speaker and to communicate more naturally.

  • Get to meet new charming places off the beaten tourist track and discover their history, culture and traditions.

  • Socialise and interact with other travellers to gain confidence and feel accompanied by the group.

  • Practise the language you have learnt during the year, in a relaxed and fun way, without giving up your holidays.

  • Specific feedback on your Spanish and resolution of any doubts you may have during our week together.

Improve your Spanish conversation through interaction

This trip is ideal for adults who want to improve their understanding and conversation in Spanish. Enjoy with me, Nuria, your adventurous teacher and a small group of travellers, a linguistic and cultural experience without the stress of the more touristy destinations.

Follow your own pace and practice in a relaxed way through our conversations and the activities we will share with other villagers.

Feel how every day you understand new words and expressions and can express yourself more and more confidently, almost without realising it.

This is not a large, organised trip and there are not daily grammar lessons.

It is a real immersion in the language and in the village we are going to visit, where you also have your own free time.

We travel in a small group of maximum 7 people because I want to dedicate quality time to you and to respect the learning time of each of you.

Everything is in Spanish: the guided tours, the walks in the surrounding area, the tapas in the bar, the activities in the museums and bookshops of the village, etc…

Don’t worry, I understand. I have also lived in other countries and had fears and insecurities. That’s whyevery day I’ll help you make immersion easy through: dynamics to follow the vocabulary of the day’s activities, games to practice in a fun way, spontaneous conversations during our moments of relaxation at home and helping you to participate in cultural visits.

All using a natural, spontaneous and fun approach!

Urueña, the only “Villa del Libro” in Spain. It is fifty-five kilometres northeast of Valladolid and forms part of the list of “The most beautiful villages in Spain”. A magical place rich in culture, heritage, gastronomy, wines and bookshops!

Learn Spanish in Urueña enjoying yourself

Imagine for a moment a week’s holiday sharing conversations in Spanish, sipping a glass of wine, strolling through the streets of villages steeped in history, enjoying wonderful views at sunset… in first person.

In Urueña you will discover a wonderful Music Museum with more than 500 instruments from all over the world, a unique collection of bells, exhibitions and workshops, the romantic Museo del Cuento, an incredible architectural heritage and much more.

A typical immersion day in Urueña


In the morning, after a full breakfast in the comfortable lounge of our house or in the garden, I will share with you the programme of the day and we will go for a walk to visit the village and its surroundings.

We will stop to visit the hermitage, observe the landscape and local architecture, explore and chat with the locals we meet along the way.

We will enjoy different lunches depending on the day: tapas in the village bars, a meal in our garden or a picnic in the open air. After a siesta or time to relax, we will get ready for some of the experiences planned during the week: activities in the original museums and bookshops of the village, wine tasting, music and various surprises.

With a lot of relaxation.

In the evenings, our dinners at home with local products or tapas will turn into an inspiring and fun exchange of languages, anecdotes, flavours and experiences.



Our accommodation in Urueña

We stayed in a typical rural house with Castilian decoration, located in the historic centre of the village.

All rooms are fully equipped with private bathroom and television, so that you are completely independent.

The ground floor of the house has a spacious living room with bar, dining room and sitting area with fireplace and games.

We will enjoy a fully equipped kitchen where we will be able to prepare and taste typical products of the area in our meals. From the kitchen you can access the garden, where there is a porch with barbecue and a well.

I myself will be your travelling companion with whom you can share thoughts, chat and drink a glass of wine.


To improve your comprehension and fluency, you need to practise Spanish and experience it first hand.

Your linguistic and cultural guide

¡Hola! I am Nuria, I was born in Madrid but I only lived there for my first 23 years. I had a lot of world to see 🙂

I teach Spanish online and have several years of experience in multicultural environments and language immersion projects.

I love my country and I am looking forward to showing it to you and sharing with you a meeting of cultures.

Together we will take a break and practice Spanish away from the stress of everyday life, while getting to know new and beautiful places.

I am also a language student and, like you, I have experienced the process of integrating in other countries.

I lived in Italy and the UK at different times in my life. Both were amazing and unforgettable experiences but, at first, I didn’t feel ready to communicate in real life or to meet local people, and this made me feel insecure and sometimes frustrated.

Thanks to these experiences I found my own method to practice the language in immersion, without having to spend the whole day in class.

I looked for alternatives that would allow me to interact with native speakers: I volunteered, participated in language exchanges, worked as a conversation teacher and much more.

All this helped me to meet locals with whom I had a real experience, while learning about the customs of the place. Being able to share my time allowed me to gain confidence in my conversation and step by step to improve my oral expression in other languages.

Now, I want to use all this experience and “tricks” to help you in your learning process.

Let’s enjoy Spanish together!

What is not included in the price of the trip to Urueña?

  • Transport from your home to the meeting point in Valladolid (Spain)
  • Transfer from the airport/station and to the airport/station.
  • Cocktails in bar or restaurant.
  • Everything not mentioned above in the section “what is included in the price”..

* The trip requires a minimum number of 3 people and the acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

Book your place without risk


Because I understand that unforeseen events may arise before the holiday…

  • Don’t lose your booking: if you cancel your trip during 2024, I will refund 100% of your booking.

  • In case of illness that prevents you from travelling, by simply sending a medical certificate, I will refund you the full amount paid for the trip.

The travellers say:

I had an absolutely incredible experience taking part in this immersion experience. My confidence and listening comprehension skills improved to the point that I now have very little trouble conversing with Spanish speakers, which is definitely not something I could say before. It was also so nice to get to know the others on the trip and the people in Uruena–such a lovely town, especially for book lovers like myself. The tours and activities were always entertaining, the accommodation was great, the food was excellent and there was always wine at the ready! I hope to come back for another immersion trip with Nuria in future years.



Este viaje lingüístico ha sido un buen descubrimiento en el corazón de la España rural. Por ejemplo, conocimos a un grupo de mujeres jubiladas que se encuentran una vez a la semana con una profesora, visitamos el museo de la música, luego damos un paseo por el pueblo con una guiada del oficio del turismo, visitamos librerías, hicimos una cata de vino, fuimos invitada en la casa de una habitante para comer un plato típico de la región de Castilla y León, etc. Lo mejor de todo fue la interacción con las personas nativas que viven allí, hablar con ellas todos los días, me ha permitido ampliar mi vocabulario y favorecer mi expresión oral. Agradezco mucho Nuria por la increíble organización del viaje, sin prisa, incluyendo un tiempo libre cada día para que podamos disfrutar tranquilamente de nuestra estancia.



A language trip is the best way for you to put into practice everything you have studied during the year, it is the ideal way to improve your level, get to know a new destination and share with other travellers like you.

Communication improves through practice and this is the main objective of this language immersion trip. Both comprehension and expression skills are enhanced, expanding vocabulary and grammatical resources, as well as improving pronunciation.

Communication skills improve innately and intuitively.

Libera tu español’s language immersion trips are a week-long experience that will allow you to:

  • Improve your confidence when speaking Spanish, thanks to guided and continuous practice of the language.
  • Learn new vocabulary to start expressing yourself like a native speaker, through different cultural experiences.
  • Discover charming little places off the beaten tourist track.
  • Socialise and interact with native speakers or other travellers in Spanish.
  • Practice the language in a relaxed and fun way without giving up your holidays.

Libera tu español is a training project created with the aim of bringing the Spanish language and culture closer to all people with a travelling spirit and a passion for Spanish, connecting through classes and language immersion experiences.

One of my most important goals is to help you lose the fear of speaking and getting to know the Spanish we use in real life.

Would you like to join me in this adventure? Let’s do it together!

  • Several years of experience participating in language immersion trips.
  • Native Spanish teacher and Italian translator.
  • More than 20 years of experience travelling and organising trips for companies.
  • Permanent assistance during the trip to make it a unique experience. The comfort and safety of my students is my number one priority.
  • Expand your horizons: from conversation in class to organising trips and social events, I am passionate about introducing you to people from all over the world.


Nuria, I have more questions, what can I do?

Email me at hola@liberatuespanol.com

I will be happy to help you and answer your questions, we can also meet online to get to know each other and talk about the trip face to face.

¡Nos vemos en España!

Un abrazo, Nuria.

*Practica español para hablar en tus viajes* GRATIS